30 June, 2012

DIY: High Waisted Quickie

Tired of going to Urban Outfitters and buying high-waisted denim for $50+? Make them yourself! The best part about DIY is customization - you can shred as you please, stud as your please, dye as you please, WHATEVER! However here, I just show you a stupid but simple quick DIY.

I thrifted this at Savers for only $6 or $7 I believe. I don't like to venture too much over $5 because I'm such a cheap-o, haha. Mom jeans are stocked FULL in most thrift stores, and at first glance you're probably like "yeah, no thanks," but they're just basically high-waisted jeans! All you need are scissors, and snip them into shorts.

Here are some tips before cutting:
  • Wear them on before you snip, to measure where you want to cut
  • Always snip a little more than you need - you can't do do-overs!
  • Mind where pockets are, they're hidden under the fabric and you might accidentally snip them
  • Watch out for cutting too short... Too often I accidentally make booty shorts that have way too much cheek leak!

And voila! There you go. Again, I know this is such a stupid post since it's such a DUH, but sometimes DUH's slip past people! I'm going to do future posts on ombre-ing, dying, and studding. I figured this post would be a great ~starter~ post to DIY's.

28 June, 2012

Summer of Paradise

Paradise ♡

This summer calls for PARADISE... I feel like this summer I'm feeling that classic 40s-50s American tourist vibe, where the greeting cards and posters are loud, vibrant, and attractive. The tourists are tacky (as they still are), dressed in a mix of style and comfort, resorts and hotels... Palm trees and beaches - be it Latin America or Florida. 

thrift haul

 denim button-up - $2.90

rust j.crew polo - $1.25 (on sale) *

cranberry j.crew polo - $1.50 (sale)*

tommy hilfiger sweater - $4 *

april77 record "billie texas" - $18

giraffe pleated skirt - $2 (sale)

leather belt - $0.25 (sale)

recently my boyfriend and i went on a spontaneous thrift haul! thank goodness for google maps on phones, hm? we hit up a local thrift store called YSI thrift&gift that had a 50% sale off all clothing and accessories. we took a trip to the salvation army afterwards, and it's pretty large. i can't say i'm a fan since there is a huge lack of organization and the prices are really weird and sporadic. lastly, we headed to my favorite thrift store is savers. 

i have to say this haul was a good bargain! especially the pair of raw denim. my boyfriend spotted it with his denim eagle eyes (he's a huge raw denim junkie). he convinced me there is no way i could pass it up. when we went home, we saw that the jeans retailed for $162! there were no fades or creases in the jeans - perfect condition... man! what a deal.

* - my boyfriend's

27 June, 2012


there is honestly no reasoning for this post
aside from it's 4am and i am insanely bored
and i felt like practicing a couple shots
and i felt like playing around in photoshop

useless post over

25 June, 2012

youtube style crushes

i admit, i watch a lot of people on youtube... and this past year youtube has hit me HARD. i draw a lot of inspiration and ideas from youtube, from DIY tutorials to make-up tutorials to how-to style videos... or just interviews with stylish folk and designers. these three gals are truly the coolest girls in my subscription box...

dj amy phamous lends her quirkiness and charm to the style platform... a channel that dedicates itself to cool vibes, style, and humor (i'm pretty sure you've seen at least one p'trique video). i honestly can't believe how humble and down-to-earth she is, both in the videos and her instagram. i'm crazy about her style! it's a little cliche to say, but it's really a perfect blend of girly and grunge. 

i've mentioned chrissstttiiine before, so another mention just proves how cool i think she is, right? ... right? she is truly the coolest gal on youtube, the coolest of cool. i have the hugest style crush on her... and her blog is such a gem too. a lot of people tend to compare her to kristen stewart, and i can kinda see it. they talk really similar but here's a difference: she has style and personality! (sorry if i offended anyone there haha) she's recently come back to youtube and i'm majorly excited. 

i've also mentioned meesheo before (in the same post that i mentioned christine actually). this girl is seriously cool and cute in a bad of BADASSERY... i'm kind of in love with her tattoos, bangs, and eyeliner. i think i used the same video as the last post, but that's just how good this OOTD was dude. i also really, really, really like her tumblr.

22 June, 2012

disco nails inspiration


I'm kind of crazy about nail art. I'm also kind of crazy about Disco Nails. From what I've collected, they are a Japanese nail salon known for their intricate and crazy nail art. A famous client of theirs is Eriko Nakao (who is a personal girl crush of mine!)

They also have a tumblr, which is where all the photos are from.

Aren't you inspired by these photos? x

eBay eye candy

18 June, 2012

Instagram Updates!

I've been a little lazy on uploading for the blog, so here's a little Instagram update!

1: My family and I went out for dinner on a whim the other week! We weren't really sure where we wanted to eat, so I randomly pointed at this Thai restaurant. Luckily, it was empty when we came in, so our food came quickly! As the dinner progressed, the place was packed full. Thai food is definitely one of my favorite ethical "categories"

2: Went a bit crazy on a thrift haul with my boyfriend! I scored everything in that photo for a total a little over $20. 

3: Last week or so, I had a scheduled meeting with an admissions advisor at FIDM SF, so I took a trip up there with my boyfriend. We were late to Sushirrito, so I went to Loving Hut and ordered bun cha gio chay, one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes.

4: Following pic #3, he treated me to a nutella crepe with pistachio gelato, yum!

5: My current nails! I was a bit excited to do 4th of July themed nails. I did an American flag (for obvious reasons) and use a nude with gold sparkles to represent Roman candles/sparklers. It was a simple twist, in my opinion.

6: I finally have 5 pots of Lush fresh face masks! I'm finishing up my 5th, BB Seaweed (2nd time! It's the best), and getting my free one soon.

I'll try to post again soon! Maybe a nail tutorial?
Hope June's been great for you folks! x

04 June, 2012

Collective Haul!

So I've been a little lazy with my blog lately... but here are two instagram photos from my latest purchases! I've been on a huge shopping kick, and it doesn't seem to stop! At all

I got the sweaters from a local thrift shop for $1 each, and the J. Crew polos for my boyfriend at $3 each! The lotus bowl set was $4. The BCBG "DUH" affirmation bracelet was only $14+tax with free shipping! What a deal!