16 April, 2012


hey readers! i'm cleaning out my nail polish collection and selling polishes for cheap! most of them run for $1, and there's even some freebies, so check it out

photographed in sunlight

photographed in indoor lighting

detail shots of glitter polishes (4 7 11)

detail shots (8 9 10)

01 April, 2012

end of march collective haul + swatches

L to R: H&M black suede pumps | ASOS package {knitted headband, on sale for $3!!} | beauty products mentioned below

these past few days have been such a splurge for me... i've been pretty disheartened and down in the dumps lately. a bunch of personal issues seemed to have arisen all at once and it was a huge mess for me. luckily, i have an AMAZING support system of my friends and my lovely boyfriend. the spring weather flirted with me a bit this weekend, and i have to say that it added to my mood. this past winter, i definitely will agree to saying that i suffered painfully from SAD.

L to R: rimmel x kate moss "12" | revlon lip butter "creme brulee" | OPI "mermaid's tears" | inglot mousse foundation "MC 300" | maybelline color tattoo "bold gold"

my boyfriend actually gifted me the rimmel london x kate moss lipstick! what a gentleman. he also paid for the maybelline color tattoo with a coupon that i printed out, hehe. he knew i was in a bummed out mood, so he KINDLY paid for it as well. i owe this sucker a kiss or two. i bought the revlon lip butter in "creme brulee" because i have been lusting for it since before the release of the lip butters! so i thought it was okay to indulge in more cosmetics... and the OPI nail varnish is in "mermaid's tears," which was just PERFECT for me. it was from the pirates of the caribbean collection from last summer, so imagine my amazement when i saw it at target! i snatched it and i can very well say i'm in love...

OPI "mermaid's tears"

i mean LOOK AT IT! my boyfriend and i went to san fransisco today and i literally ran up to everything in every color (shoes, shirts, dresses, bags, clutches, etc) saying, "look how AMAZING this looks with my nails!" i mean, look! i can't capture how wonderful this varnish is. it just really brightens up my mood. you can think that it's just another mint nail color, but it really isn't. it's not as pale and pastel-y as most are. something about it just seems more jewel-like, more jade. it has the slightest bit more blue than most mint nails, but i didn't capture it very well (yellow lighting, sorry!).

L to R: revlon lip butter "creme brulee" | rimmel x kate moss "12"

creme brulee came out lighter on me than i thought it did! it looks pretty similar to my lips and skin, really. some sort of weird in between of the two. it has micro glitter that doesn't look glittery or frosty at all, but instead, makes your lip look more shiny and full. definitely going to be an everyday kind of lippy. the kate moss one is in "12," and is actually more matte than i thought it would be! it's more drying than the original lipstick, but i'm okay with that since i love matte colors. it's also a 'my lips but better' shade, and i'm VERY happy with this as well!! ♥

maybelline color tattoo "bold gold"

I KNOW, I KNOW. another maybelline color tattoo! well, as i said in my last post, my eyes have just been so sensitive to any fall out and i must resort to creams! this is the shade that i wanted the most out of the entire line, so i went for it. gold is definitely my favorite "color" to wear on my lids (i wear mainly neutrals). this proves to be a very yellow-gold, and i can't wait to wear this everyday. this is the final of the three shades i wanted from the line, and i [hopefully] won't be buying anymore.

maybelline color tattoo "bold gold"

i also bought a mousse foundation (not pictured, the box is unopen since i'm unsure if i want to keep it) because the girl who helped me at the inglot counter said it'd be good for my combination skin... she said it was a concealer, but it isn't! sad face. i was looking for a HEAVY and FULL COVERAGE concealer for my very dark post-acne scars (hyperpigmentation runs in my family!) and she said this provides the most coverage out of all inglot face products... the mousse feel really makes me feel otherwise. i should have went with my guts... oh well!

L to R: rimmel x kate moss "12" | revlon lip butter "creme brulee", it's so similar to my skin that it doesn't show on it! | maybelline color tattoo "bold gold"