21 July, 2009

NEON NEON NEON (and leather)

Sorry for not posting for, what?, a month? I haven't really had inspiration, but for some reason - I do now! Haha. But nonetheless, autumn is coming soon and I'm excited and sad. I'm excited because school's starting again and fall fashion is my favorite! Boy oh boy. On the other hand, I'm sad because summer's ending. Although summer isn't my favorite season, this means no more long sunny days of doing nothing. Sigh!

[ American Apparel Socks ]

As the title obviously tells, I'm actually thinking of a lot of neons for fall. I don't normally wear neons for fall, or at all, but for some reason I'm into them right now! In reality, I would wear prep/schoolgirl/vintage things for fall (how typical, right?), but I suppose on other people, I'd really like to see neons! They're so colorful and fun and totally pop out for the summer/winter transition season. That's how I actually see fall and spring. Winter and summer are the huge seasons and fall and spring are more minor "transition" seasons. Don't get me wrong though, I love them (and their fashion) too!

[ Glasses from Urban Outfitters, t-shirt from Forever21 ]

I don't know where my sudden interest in neon came from. I think it started in '07 when my sister bought a neon green slip from Urban Outfitters or maybe in '04 when I first got a peek at FRUITS (at least I think it was '04). Then, I thought neon was weird or so-so. But gradually, as neon became more popular in 07-08 at school and as my sister made a couple more neon purchases, more looking at Harajuku street fashion, and lots of browsing American Apparel tights: I think I came to really like neon... minus the guts or skin tone to wear it.

[ All this black leather stuff from Urban, ha. ha... ]

If one were to wear neon, I don't find an all-neon outfit would be very... pleasing. I would feel like barfing because of all the extremely bright and distracting colors. Kind of like playing Katamari Damacy (I love that game, ha), but minus the fun. Also it would look like a big mess from the 80's or just unicorn barf. The most suiting thing to wear with neon is probably black, or dark brown, leather. Normally, I don't wear leather, but I think they suit neon well. It's more stable and not as crazy as neon, but still is wild. The leather items are so versatile too, so you can wear it with other things you own! Sorry for so much Urban Outfitters stuff, by the way.