18 August, 2010


[via refinery29]

Whoa! I am really, really into these. They're $18 a pop by BCBG. I'm totally considering all of them... I love what's on them. Especially the "RAD" and the "NOT" ones. I use the word "rad" myself! These just look so radical. I'm going crazy over them. How silly of me.

13 August, 2010

Marc Jacobs t-shirts!

All these shirts are available at Marc by Marc Jacobs stores for $28! 100% of the proceeds go to the Provincetown Community Center. Aren't they just the most darling t-shirts you've ever seen? Well, maybe, but they're still pretty darling! I especially love the blue fish t-shirt, red heart t-shirt, and the mermaid t-shirt! Hopefully, I'll pick up one the next time I visit San Fransisco.

Target x John Derian

As you guys may or may not know, I am a huge sucker for home decor, interior design, whatever you want to call it! I am really obsessed with Sherry and John's Young House Love, and since I was a kid my favorite part about The Sims games series (I know, kids shouldn't play The Sims, but hey, I'm older now) was building and designing the house! I got so into it once, I spent hours searching up on ways to have a split-level house, blueprints, and other things... But anyways, I saw Target's latest collaboration with John Derian and AH! I was floored.

The collection itself is really nice, but I don't feel a need to buy ALL of the pieces. Just these that I've posted up here! I love the prints that look like they come from an outdated 1970s science textbook. There's something I feel that is so... golden about them? I don't know the word I'm looking for!

[ All images via refinery29 ]

11 August, 2010

Tight Obsession

[1, 2, 3 - all from ASOS.com]

Ooh! I am so glad fall is coming along nicely. The weather becomes increasingly colder each day (not that we had a hot summer this year anyways...), which allows for thicker clothes, layering, and other cold weather styles! I love cold weather clothes. Especially tights! And this time around, I'm fancying tights more than I ever have. I'm even willing to spend $30 on a pair (not that I have)! Honestly, I've been going through so many stores, online or in person, looking for lots of colors and patterns that interest me. So far, I've purchased none, but I plan on purchasing a haul from ASOS. Good bye, summer money. Sob!

[both images from Hansel&Petal]

My dear friend Frances, from Hansel&Petal, even wrote a nifty post on tights as well! We're on the same... adoration wagon? I don't know, haha. Her post made my hosiery-lust even worse! Ah! I need to go shopping.