25 June, 2012

youtube style crushes

i admit, i watch a lot of people on youtube... and this past year youtube has hit me HARD. i draw a lot of inspiration and ideas from youtube, from DIY tutorials to make-up tutorials to how-to style videos... or just interviews with stylish folk and designers. these three gals are truly the coolest girls in my subscription box...

dj amy phamous lends her quirkiness and charm to the style platform... a channel that dedicates itself to cool vibes, style, and humor (i'm pretty sure you've seen at least one p'trique video). i honestly can't believe how humble and down-to-earth she is, both in the videos and her instagram. i'm crazy about her style! it's a little cliche to say, but it's really a perfect blend of girly and grunge. 

i've mentioned chrissstttiiine before, so another mention just proves how cool i think she is, right? ... right? she is truly the coolest gal on youtube, the coolest of cool. i have the hugest style crush on her... and her blog is such a gem too. a lot of people tend to compare her to kristen stewart, and i can kinda see it. they talk really similar but here's a difference: she has style and personality! (sorry if i offended anyone there haha) she's recently come back to youtube and i'm majorly excited. 

i've also mentioned meesheo before (in the same post that i mentioned christine actually). this girl is seriously cool and cute in a bad of BADASSERY... i'm kind of in love with her tattoos, bangs, and eyeliner. i think i used the same video as the last post, but that's just how good this OOTD was dude. i also really, really, really like her tumblr.

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