02 August, 2012

Tardy Hi, Tardy Lo

Left: Jeffrey Campbell Tardy | Right: Jeffrey Campbell Tardy Lo | Both photos by Nasty Gal

I was checking out what's new over at Nasty Gal and saw a new (?) design from JC! The regular Tardy's have been on my radar for quite some time, but I'm weary of wearing boots because I'm afraid they'll cut me off at the wrong spot. 

Let's pause and drool over the Tardy Lo together.

27 July, 2012

eBay eye candy (part II)

Vein tights | $17.50

I remember seeing some indie label selling these way back in 2009? Or something. I just know it was in 8th grade... Anyways... I think it retailed for $30. How cute are these? I wish I had these last year so I could have worn them to my physiology class. These are at the top of my back-to-school shopping list (but I don't have any disposable money haha).

When I first saw these on Juria I had to have them. People always said the only way to get them was some online shop that sold it for $30!!! eBay has it for a fraction of that price! The thing with these is that it's so thin - I'm sure it'll snag (I'm unfortunately a tights ripper, by accident, I swear). 

How cute is this? Seriously. I am addicted to looking up patches on eBay. I can't get over how cute this is.

LOOK AT THAT PRICE. It truly does not get any better than that. On average I've seen these knock-offs run for $7 - $15. You absolutely cannot beat the price. I know knock-offs are a controversial subject, but to be honest I don't mind when it's like a Rayban, Chanel, Dior, etc sunglass knock off. Sorry if that offends anybody!

I actually have a lot more eBay eye candy currently on my radar, but I don't want the post to be too long! Hope you enjoy my finds x

25 July, 2012

weekly youtube favorites

I think this might be a new *thing* of mine!


I've been subscribed to Nia for over a year (maybe two?) and she's definitely one of the most gorgeous and babeliest babes I watch! She's freaking PERFECT (brows, skin, hair, style, personality... etc!). I caught myself watching this video a couple times over and over, she looks so amazingly ~natural~ but glowy and beautiful. It inspired me to wear "no make-up" make-up but with natural-looking glow. I don't know. I love it.


I LOVE essiebutton from the first video I watched.. Estee is a Canadian who moved to the UK to live with her boyfriend Aslan (okay a. HIS NAME IS SO COOL, b. he's so sweet to her)... Lemme tell you, Estee is the most hilarious beauty blogger I've ever come across. I found her in March and there hasn't been a disappointing video. What I really like about this video is that they feature one of my favorite thrift finds - home decor! I don't come by videos featuring thrifted decor often, and I really enjoy the two.


Okay... This is no secret but I love The Yogscast (I also love Minecraft). My ultimate favorite people from Yogscast are Sjin and Sips. You don't even know... Sjin has a beautiful and talented mind. I love watching him build stuff.

The videos are smaller than I'd like them to be because I was trying Blogger's video insert thing... Meh. I think I prefer just using the html code.

16 July, 2012

what a beaut

urban outfitters

how perf is this bag?
as pretty as it is (AND IT'S ON SALE!), the reviews are bad


12 July, 2012

dusky twilight

dreamy, dusky, desert, twilight, faded, pale

earlier today i was at target with my boyfriend to look for nail polishes to buy... and i realized i bunched together really really really pale and muted shades... i have a lot of pastel nail colors in my collection, and have grown bored of them for this summer, however i found myself in love with this new pale palette. i think it started with bobbi brown's desert twilight collection. something about dusky, dreamy, desserty vibes. sheer, lightweight, tissue thin materials. dusty pale colors - greys, pale lilacs, blue-based pinks, periwinkles. 

09 July, 2012

NYX The Curve Eyeliner

How innovative! I haven't seen a bent liquid liner from any brand until this thing from NYX.
I'd imagine it's easier to apply, just as it is with bent mascara wands and bent eyeliner brushes.

08 July, 2012

June 2012 Favorites

love & beauty Hydrating make-up wipes: I actually got these in a 2-pack for $2.80 at Forever 21. They come 30 wipes each, so 60 wipes for under $3 sounded fantastic. love & beauty is Forever 21's beauty brand, known to just use other cheap brands's manufacturers (e.l.f., LA Beauty, some Korean brands). At first I hated these. They're so thin that they rip, and don't take off waterproof make-up. I continued to use them and figured I just need to fold it in half to layer it up. I use two to remove my foundation and other make-up products. I've been using this the entire month and I like it. I wouldn't repurchase, though.

Maybelline Fit Me! Powder: I believe I bought this in April or May. I picked this up because I wanted a powder to set my foundation and give me a little extra coverage. I've come to really, really enjoy this product. It's not opaque enough to use as a foundation on its own, but on top of a foundation it covers really nicely. What I like is that I have dry skin and this isn't matte! It's more-so a velvet finish, and really comfortable to wear.

Revlon Lip Butter in "Creme Brulee": Definitely my go-to lip product! My favorite shade of the four or five lip butters I've tried. It's a sheer and warm neutral color, which is perfect for nude-ing out your lips. I can't get over how I love that it's a WARM neutral! It's my perfect everyday lip color.

Maybelline Baby Lips: This is the clear one with blue packaging. It smells like sweet lemonade. It's more slippery than most lip balms, which I like. I don't think it's done any long term healing or nourshing to my lips, but it's comfortable to wear and helps throughout the day.

Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Bad to the Bronze": I did a review on this a couple months back and it turned out the me the only Color Tattoo I still grab for! It's really just a neutral shimmery bronze. It's truly perfect for everyday alone, or as a color base for your neutral shadows.

Covergirl Outlast Lipcolor in "Red Affair": CVS has an annual clearance sale, and I heard itsjudytime rave about these. Supposedly L'oreal has a similar product, but I haven't tried those. Let me tell you, this stuff is AMAZING. It truly stays on all day. It's not a lip stain, but it certainly stays on way better than one. The down side is you can't rub your lips together with this product, which I have a bad habit of doing. This stays on through kisses, napkin wipes, food, drinks, you name it! The balm that comes with it is actually pretty good too. 

Philips Electric Brow Groomer: Okay, this isn't the official name of this product, however I can't remember what it's called. It's basically and electric trimmer. I use it to quickly and easily trim and clean up my brow area. I love this. I use it on my upper lip as well.