18 June, 2012

Instagram Updates!

I've been a little lazy on uploading for the blog, so here's a little Instagram update!

1: My family and I went out for dinner on a whim the other week! We weren't really sure where we wanted to eat, so I randomly pointed at this Thai restaurant. Luckily, it was empty when we came in, so our food came quickly! As the dinner progressed, the place was packed full. Thai food is definitely one of my favorite ethical "categories"

2: Went a bit crazy on a thrift haul with my boyfriend! I scored everything in that photo for a total a little over $20. 

3: Last week or so, I had a scheduled meeting with an admissions advisor at FIDM SF, so I took a trip up there with my boyfriend. We were late to Sushirrito, so I went to Loving Hut and ordered bun cha gio chay, one of my favorite Vietnamese dishes.

4: Following pic #3, he treated me to a nutella crepe with pistachio gelato, yum!

5: My current nails! I was a bit excited to do 4th of July themed nails. I did an American flag (for obvious reasons) and use a nude with gold sparkles to represent Roman candles/sparklers. It was a simple twist, in my opinion.

6: I finally have 5 pots of Lush fresh face masks! I'm finishing up my 5th, BB Seaweed (2nd time! It's the best), and getting my free one soon.

I'll try to post again soon! Maybe a nail tutorial?
Hope June's been great for you folks! x

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