23 February, 2012

shoe lusts

i've been on such a forever21 shoe kick lately... cute classics and trends at cheap prices. i think forever's always nice because you can try things that are in trend or thing you don't want to shell out tons of cash for. i think the whole forever21 hate thing is lame. i personally think whatever of forever21, as long as i can find something cute!


20 February, 2012

first impressions + swatches: maybelline 24HR color tattoo in "bad to the bronze"

the packaging kinda reminds me of l'oreal studio HiP!

so today, my boyfriend came down from oakland and we had a nice breakfast together... and right after we (well, i dragged him) walked over to CVS, where i ooh'd and ahh'd over the new drugstore products. i've had my eyes on this for a long while. when beauty bloggers started posting promo photos of the maybelline 24HR color tattoos i already was excited. i actually loved the old eye studio cream shadow trios and were bummed when they swapped those out for this, but i have to say... this has left a good taste in my mouth!

how pretty is this?

i was really stuck between purchasing "bad to the bronze" and "tough as taupe." another color i would have loved to have is the gold color, but it was sold out. i can't really call its name right now, but it's just absolutely PRETTY. i'm a true sucker for neutral, warm-toned colors.

the shimmer, my goodness, dude..

my boyfriend ended up choosing the bronze color for me. he ended up gifting this for me too, since he had a nice chunk of change from lunar new years still (i know, right?). the color isn't exactly on the warm spectrum, but it definitely is neutral to me. it's heavily shimmery, which makes it come off a little metallic.

housed in glass packaging, mega nice for drugstore

the packaging is pretty nice if i say so myself. it's just a glass jar with a plastic screw-on cap. i'm glad maybelline ditched housing it in some bulky plastic jar. this cost us around $8, which is pretty pricey in my opinion... but it's a new product, so i can forgive. new products tend to be pricier, and once it becomes another regular ol' product, it lessens a buck or two (or three!). also, we purchased it at CVS, which tends be more expensive than the drugstores around my area. i was surprised no BOGO deals were going on today for maybelline.

this stuff is mega creamy and smooth. it feels a lot creamier than MAC paint pots, in my opinion. i don't know if it'll live up to its 24-hour claim, but i have swatched it on my hand (as seen below), and it proves to be very pigmented. it's been on my hand for a good two hours and it hasn't transferred and lessened in pigmentation. i haven't worn it yet, but a quick search on youtube and google can give you an in-depth review.

left: blended out, right: heavy swatch