30 June, 2012

DIY: High Waisted Quickie

Tired of going to Urban Outfitters and buying high-waisted denim for $50+? Make them yourself! The best part about DIY is customization - you can shred as you please, stud as your please, dye as you please, WHATEVER! However here, I just show you a stupid but simple quick DIY.

I thrifted this at Savers for only $6 or $7 I believe. I don't like to venture too much over $5 because I'm such a cheap-o, haha. Mom jeans are stocked FULL in most thrift stores, and at first glance you're probably like "yeah, no thanks," but they're just basically high-waisted jeans! All you need are scissors, and snip them into shorts.

Here are some tips before cutting:
  • Wear them on before you snip, to measure where you want to cut
  • Always snip a little more than you need - you can't do do-overs!
  • Mind where pockets are, they're hidden under the fabric and you might accidentally snip them
  • Watch out for cutting too short... Too often I accidentally make booty shorts that have way too much cheek leak!

And voila! There you go. Again, I know this is such a stupid post since it's such a DUH, but sometimes DUH's slip past people! I'm going to do future posts on ombre-ing, dying, and studding. I figured this post would be a great ~starter~ post to DIY's.

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