28 May, 2009


Um, wow. I'm in love with Iluchka's style in general. The make-up is absolutely great! They make very very very cute clothes as well! It's soft and girly, it makes me feel so light. Wearing it would probably make me feel pretty, haha. I would make a better post, really - but I'm just so tired. Tomorrow is another day, all! Au revoir!

25 May, 2009

The Sound Of Music

Movie Monday strikes back (haha)! So for its great return, I'll premier it with a very lovely musical. The Sound of Music is my current obsession, seriously. Its songs are the only ones that come out of my mouth, and my brother yells at me every time I sing "The Lonely Goatherd". I probably should stop, but I cannot stop! The songs are absolutely catchy, timeless, and fabulous. The von Trapp family are all a well-dressed family (in the movie, I'm not sure about the actual von Trapp family), as well as Fraulein Maria and the Baroness!

I adore every outfit in this movie, except when Maria takes the children out to play in the new clothes she made for them out of her curtains. I would be so embarrassed if I went out in public with my family in matching clothes (made of curtain, nonetheless). But otherwise, all the outfits in this film are fantastic. They are rather simple, but there's no issue there, really. There are a lot of nudes and pastels used, which I love so so so much. The dresses are so lovely, and it's even greater that the film is in a warm season. The boys (Fredrich and Kurt) wear shorts and sweaters or maybe even cardigans. It's adorable! I wish more boys dressed like that, but oh well. It'd be awkward, I suppose. Haha.

Here's a polyvore (sorry) inspired by Liesl! I'm sorry it's another polyvore, but this way, it's easier to find things. But I suppose I should cut back on these. They're addicting though! Haha. Anyways, I love Liesl! She's so beautiful! And I think Rolfe is adorable (before he became a green police). Click play on the song to the right side of my blog! The scene is one of my favorites. The best part about the scene is when Liesl screams at the end, haha. Adorable, but I don't think they included it in the soundtrack. But my real crush is probably Captain von Trapp (Chiristopher Plummer). He is so handsome! Also, the character is rather admirable, so that just adds to the crush. And that voice! Ah. Love it all.

24 May, 2009

Blog Crushes!

There are some blogs that I check everyday to see if they've updated (I sound like such a loser), but for real. I do. These blogs are just my favorites. The pictures that they post are so lovely!

Julia Wilhelmina // http://juliawilhelmina.devote.se/
I discovered her via lookbook, and I assume she's Swedish? Well, according to her LB she is. But nonetheless, she's a fourteen year-old (my age) blogger! I can't read her blogs unfortunately, but her images and outfits are lovely. I'm very jealous of her hair! Also her clothes and make up. If only I could read what her blogs say...
The images wouldn't show, but check out her blog nonetheless!
All images courtesy of her blog! So pretty!

Probably everyone's favorite (recently) 13 year-old blogger is Tavi. She is so adorable! Haha. I didn't believe that she dressed herself when I first read her blog posts and I was jealous of her clothes and style. But overtime, I grew to love her. Her blogs have such a spunk, it cheers my day up when I read them. I try to have outfits inspired by her, but they never prevail. Oh well. Look at her haircut! Currently, I am so in love with it. Unfortunately, my headshape wouldn't look very flattering with the cut. A girl can dream.

All images belong to Tavi. What great photos!

Rhiannon Leifheit // http://liebemarlene.blogspot.com/
She finds the best vintage dresses. It makes me feel sad! She makes thrifting look like a breeze, but unfortunately, when I go - not a dress is found. The dresses she wears/sells are absolutely amazing. They're so girly and lovely. I wonder how much money she makes from selling these dresses at her store... Haha! Oh, if only I had the money. And I'm not the only one that thinks she sort of looks like Zooey Deschanel, right? Right!?

Images at her blog!

23 May, 2009

Saturday Street Fashion Inspirations!

Oh, I've been so so so uninspired for dressing lately, but I've found some pictures to somewhat "re-inspire" me. Somewhat, but not completely. Maybe I should go thrift shopping at Savers soon with my siblings. Maybe that oughta cheer me up, haha. Oh my gosh, the episode of The PJ's and it's so exciting! Haha, okay, here comes the photos.

Images courtesy of Hoy Fashion and lookbook.nu, respectively

Oh boo, half the photos didn't show up, so you get to only see three of these. But they are still great outfits, are they not? Maybe I should post some MK&A pictures that have somewhat inspired me. I'm obsessed with the Olsen twins, I really am. It's unhealthy, I say! Unhealthy!

Also, Aritzia has their summer collection up! The photos are so pretty! I love their website, and their photos are so pretty. Also, they use yyellowbird's photos as their background, which makes the site even lovelier.

22 May, 2009

Oh my gosh, I made a post about Mary-Kate and Ashley, and it did not show up. Boo, it was such a nice and lengthy post for my absence too! Sigh. Well, I'm going to post some current inspirations/new polyvores then. Enjoy, but expect something for Wishlist Wednesday! :) Also, I made the width of this blog wider so that equals bigger pictures! Yay for all.

And visit Julia Wilhelmina's Swedish blog! I'm in love with her outfits, hair, make-up, and photos!
Ballerina by lumberjackie featuring Betsey Johnson accessories

08 May, 2009

Mama Mia!

These are some photos of my mama back in 1986. The 80's are probably my least loved decade (it's not that I don't love it, it's just that it has the least love) because I prefer softer pieces, and not as wild as the fashion then. But my mama makes me feel otherwise! In these photos, she's much skinnier than she is now (sorry, mama). Just look at the dress in the second to last picture! I wish she'd kept these clothes, I would love to have them.

All images taken by papa, click to enlarge

02 May, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't really been following this structure that I planned. I think I'm just going to do whatever and only post when I'm in the mood. But right now, I'll do a quickie on what I want right now, which are some crararazy tights!

All tights available @ mytights.com

1. Well, my favorite color is pink and I love stripes. The combination itself reminds me of candy, and for some reason, salt water taffy. I love salt water taffy!
2. DOGS. My family is crazy about dogs (maybe not my dad). But this print reminds me of The Beach Boys' cover of their album Pet Sounds. It's only relatively similar though.
3. Skulls can be either worn lame or worn all cool and bad-to-the-bone looking! Ha, it's true. Like vegemite. You either love it or hate it. That's the motto, right?
4. Kind of tacky, kind of cute and stuff. I'd wear it with frilly pink dresses, something with tulle and a bounce. Probably lots of lace or something girly.
5. This is just fab.
6. Um plaid. Yes.

But on another note, Movie Monday and Wishlist Wednesday would still continue, I suppose. Just whenever I feel like doing one though! Sorry if you enjoyed them! Au revoir.