27 May, 2012

May 2012 Favorites

May has been a mixed bag for me. I finished my junior year of high school with mixed feelings. Anyways, my make-up has been pretty simple due to so many finals, exams, projects, and such. On any day I spotted eyeshadow, it was almost always neutral. I also went to my boyfriend's prom this month! Since it's nearly the end of the month, I figure it's time to include my monthly favorites.

L to R: Maybelline Fit Me! Powder in "310" | Wet'n'Wild Mega Last Lipstick in "Cherry Picking" | Maybelline Color Tattoo in "Bad to the Bronze" | Wet'n'Wild Color Icon in "Brulee"

A month or two ago, my friend who works at Target gave me his 30% off employee discount, so I picked up this powder. I was interested in a colored pressed powder since I was unsatisfied with my Laura Mercier loose powder. At first I regretted this purchase, but I've learned to love it! It's not matte, and leaves a decent lightweight coverage. I love that it adds a bit more coverage to any foundation or BB cream I wear.

I love these Wet'n'Wild lipsticks, and I think I've found my new favorite red. This is new to the permanent line (the shade). I grew tired of my bold true reds, and this just brought something subtly new. It's bright, but not true red. It comes off a lot different than it does in the tube!

The Maybelline Color Tattoos are fantastic. I particularly (and surprisingly) loved this shade the entire month. It's my go-to all over the lid shade. The word "bronze" originally turned me off to this shade, however I find that it's more a neutral shimmery shade... Bronze makes me think of more orange/warm tones. You can read my initial review here!

Wet'n'Wild truly kills it with their matte shadows. They truly make the best matte shadows I've ever, ever, ever used. They're soft and pigmented. This makes the perfect highlight and inner corner color.

L to R: Milani nail polish in "Totally 80s" | Maybelline Color Show in "Fierce n Tangy" | OPI "Mermaid's Tears" | NYC Quick Dry in "Lavender Cupcake"

I hope my selection doesn't seem too cliche. I wouldn't say it is! It's sort of a "twist" on the brights and pastels that often come to trend in the spring and summer time.

I love chartreuse, and I think Milani's "Totally 80s" captures it. This is the only nail polish I own from them, and I really want to try more. It's a great formula. Maybelline has a new range of nail polishes out, as I've mentioned in a previous post! I've been lurking around for a primary yellow and I've finally found it!

So looking at OPI's "Mermaid's Tears," you're probably just like, "God, another mint..." Wrong! I think this is a fresh take on the whole "mint" trend that's been around for the past three years. To me, this is more of a jade color and I love it! It looks so classy and polished. It looks really great with gold accessories and white clothes.

And then following the traditional pastel trend, NYC's "Lavender Cupcake" totally embraces the whole shebang. What attracts me to this color is how it looks like a pretty pastry (macaron perhaps?).

L to R: Physician's Formula Enriched Dry Skin Concentrate | Clean&Clear Advantage acne control moiturizer

Two skincare products that really helped my skin recover from a breakout are Physician's Formula's Enriched Dry Skin Concentrate (which I'm sure I've done a post on before!) and Clean&Cear's acne control moisturizer. PF's skin concentrate really helps hydrate and heal any dry skin of mine. I especially love applying it on my dry patches right after I shower. It seems to really lock in the moisture and keeps my skin feeling baby soft! It's helped with the healing process of my acne, since after they go, they get really dry. C&C's acne control moisturizer is something I used in middle school. The scent is nostalgic. Ha. It has salicylic acid in it, which is something I've been dying for in a moisturizer. I love wearing this during the day because it sits on my skin and creates a barrier between my skin and my make-up while treating acne. I'd definitely say it's helped clear up my skin.

What are your favorites for this month? Thanks for reading!

Wet'N'Wild dupes of... itself?

Today my boyfriend and I were biking around running errands and stopping by stores here and there, and we stopped by CVS! There, they had the latest Wet'n'Wild LE summer collection nail polish range, which I can't remember the name exactly... But the display had fireworks, which I'm sure inspired the nail polishes! I picked up two I was interested in (I forgot to get the names of ALL the polishes! Sorry!), and stopped by their "Spoiled" nail collection (which by the way, is only available in CVS stores)... and I noticed something interesting...

Left: Wet'n'Wild Spoiled | Right: LE Wet'n'Wild Fast Dry

Yup! There you have it! They're basically the same nail polish! The LE Fast Dry (right) one seems like it has a lot more glitter though. I can't make any comparisons on the formulation, nor can I really comment on the formulation of either! I've yet to try the Spoiled nail polish, and as for the Fast Dry formulation, I've only tried Grey's Anatomy. So no comment on the glitter formulations! They both retail at $1.99, however Spoiled contains 0.5 oz, while the Fast Dry contains 0.45 oz. Not a big difference there, folks. I guess it all comes to to whether you want value (0.05 difference!), formulation, glitter density (?), or perhaps brush/applicator quality!

Left: LE Wet'n'Wild Fast Dry | Right: Wet'n'Wild Spoiled

Again, I do have to apologize for not taking their names down or comparing all of the polishes! It skipped my mind. But then again, I think this would be a time to utilize Google in case you were interested!

25 May, 2012

yellow (nail) fever

for the past month (or at least what seemed like a month!), i've been on the hunt for a primary yellow nail polish. for the most part, i'd only come by yellows that were pastel, filled with shimmer, or metallic. blegh! a lot of companies seem to avoid yellow because it's as tricky as white. the color tends to create streaky and sheer formulations... so when i saw this at my local walgreens on a new display, i bought it right away!

i'd heard a lot about these polishes - particularly their cheap cheap cheap price! the display i picked it up from had no price tag, but i figured it'd range from $2.99 - $3.99, since that's the price range i've seen it for online. but no! it was a shocking $4.99! i wonder why my walgreens (or maybe it's just america?) has it for so pricey. the packaging doesn't make it seem like you get much... i'm guessing it's just because it's a *new product*. anyways, i'm sure, or maybe just hoping, the prices of these puppies go down. there are so many pretty colors i'd love to try! 

20 May, 2012

hello hello hello

sorry for my little mia stunt there. i had some personal issues so i put away a lot of my blogs for a while. especially this one.
originally i was going to make a collage of different rad patches that i wanted from ebay... but a quick search of the simpsons patches and i got carried away... i mean, how cool are these? seriously! my favorites are the jurassic bart one and the ass homer (mainly because of his dopey eyes... i don't care if it's not authentic, it's hilarious). runners up are the family shot and the "o0oO0h" fingers homer. the second best thing about looking up these gems were the captions/titles.

i think we should take a moment to appreciate my favorite blogger of the moment: self-constructed-freak (aka marlena). she's like, the epitome of cool. i love her style, i love both her blogs (tumblr and blogspot), i love what she loves...
i mean just look at her! she's so freaking cute and stylish and wow. she's also a contributor over at rookiemag, a huge diy-er, a feminist... the list goes on? girl crush to the max.

i guess i'll leave you guys here. toodles.