08 March, 2012

favorite bloggers / youtubers of the moment

lately i've been finding myself to be obsessed with these lovely girls... they're like, ultra babes with rad style ♡ their style of blogging / youtubing isn't exactly like something you'd find from michellephan and the like. it's definitely more... 'unprofessional?' but in a good way, trust me. i guess it seems more relaxed (less serious) and personal, which i really dig. they all seem really down-to-earth and just totally... cool.


i think i discovered christine when she interviewed clothesencounters some time back. i didn't get into her blog or youtube until recently! she really really really channels this cool vibe, and kinda reminds me of my sister in 2004 - 2005. i truly dig listening to her voice in her videos (creepy haha) and i LOVE her style. and she takes pictures of good food and cute cats.


i discovered meesheo (michelle) through looking up 'bettie bangs' videos on youtube haha. i actually considered cutting my bangs like bettie page multiple times in my life... but anways, i recently got into her via chrissstttiiine! i ADORE this chick's style. i'm trying to draw inspiration from them actually, but ican't seem to. i guess she's just more fashion eye-candy *-* !

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