28 June, 2012

thrift haul

 denim button-up - $2.90

rust j.crew polo - $1.25 (on sale) *

cranberry j.crew polo - $1.50 (sale)*

tommy hilfiger sweater - $4 *

april77 record "billie texas" - $18

giraffe pleated skirt - $2 (sale)

leather belt - $0.25 (sale)

recently my boyfriend and i went on a spontaneous thrift haul! thank goodness for google maps on phones, hm? we hit up a local thrift store called YSI thrift&gift that had a 50% sale off all clothing and accessories. we took a trip to the salvation army afterwards, and it's pretty large. i can't say i'm a fan since there is a huge lack of organization and the prices are really weird and sporadic. lastly, we headed to my favorite thrift store is savers. 

i have to say this haul was a good bargain! especially the pair of raw denim. my boyfriend spotted it with his denim eagle eyes (he's a huge raw denim junkie). he convinced me there is no way i could pass it up. when we went home, we saw that the jeans retailed for $162! there were no fades or creases in the jeans - perfect condition... man! what a deal.

* - my boyfriend's

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