21 December, 2009

Oh, Marc

How do I love your bags?
Going into Nordstrom,
picking up a bag
Walk in front of a mirror
And live in a short but infinite
moment of glory.
And it ends when an employee asks, "May I help you?"

13 December, 2009

Pretty Nails

I think I am so obsessed with nail polish/art now, it's becoming unhealthy. Well, for my nails to say the least.

[ 1-4 found off fuckyeahprettynails, 5. Chanel "Jade" Nailpolish - image: Jean B. ]

Now that I look at all of these hands... I'm kind of freaked out! I don't know why. There's just so many fingers... I sound stupid, haha. Well, sorry for more small picture spams instead of better, well-written posts. :(

09 December, 2009

Rodarte x Target

[ Pictures courtesy of nymag.com ]

Rodarte for Target! No one at school talks about it, but the fashion blogs online certainly do! Especially Tavi. If you guys haven't, you really should check out the video she did on Rodarte x Target, it's really... I don't know, my head is going blank. But I like it. Some people are saying they think it's okay and are worried about the quality. Some are stoked. As for myself, I'm a mix of both! The dresses would probably look good on some people, and not others. I really, really, want the cardigans though (the mustard one, especially $29.99). And the belts are darling ($12.99)! I want all the cardigans and all the belts and the tights and the bras and a dress or two... which would probably make me broke. It would be nice if the shoes were for sale too. Hee hee.

Rodarte for Target comes to stores on December 20th!

Wishlist Wednesday!! Haha, readers from the beginning would understand... since I don't do them anymore.

27 November, 2009

I think I want bangs, but I think they'd look awkward on me. Something about my hair just doesn't allow bangs to look nice on my face. Oh, but here are some photos that inspire me to be a little more creative with my hair or make me want to cut it. Or grow it. Sigh, I'm so indecisive!

[ 1. Sherri DuPree Bemis, 2. slaughtermouf, 3. bunnymitford, 4. unknown, 5. Marilyn Monroe, 6. dirtylittlestylewhore ; the links are where I found the photos, sorry! ]

28 October, 2009

Harajuku Shibuya Street Style

For some reason, this Youtube channel was 'recommended' for me by Youtube, and I decided to check it out. I'm really pleased that I did! The user films people they see in Harajuku that they find interest in, just as a usual street style blog would, except with a video camera instead of a photographic one. Check out their channel here.

28 September, 2009

Peru Peru Peru

I think Peru needs some more credit when it comes to fashion. I was reading an old Teen Vogue and saw an article of a girl helping kids in Peru get a pair of shoes. The little kid was super cute and so was his poncho and hat.

I never really realized Peru was so cool. Recently, I've been getting more and more into South America because of my Spanish class. My teacher's always telling me stories from when he lived in Peru and all of it just fascinates me! South America is pretty underrated when it comes to fashion (except the Brazilian models, ha. ha.)

I don't want to be the one to claim what Peruvians wear and don't wear, but the things I noticed and liked were the chunkier sweaters, hats (esp. the beanies with tassels), patterns, bright colors, and other knitted fancy duds.

27 September, 2009

john and yoko

They're one of my favorite famous couples. I don't care if you think Yoko broke The Beatles up, I don't care if you think she's 'ugly'. I think opposite of both prior statements. I love John. I love Yoko. I also love how they dressed. For real.

I love John's coat. I'm not a fan of real fur, though. Sean looks cute there! I think it's Sean at least.

My favorite sweater that John owns. I love Yoko's bodysuit

these outfits again! ho ho ho

Can't really see what Yoko is wearing, but another great John outfit and a cute Julian. Love the giftwrapping

My favorite outfits, probably. Their wedding clothes!

Okay, no. THESE are my favorite outfits.

um, hi, i'm alive

I'm sorry I haven't updated a lot. I get little inspirations every now-and-then, but they kind of go away when I'm mid-entry.

21 July, 2009

NEON NEON NEON (and leather)

Sorry for not posting for, what?, a month? I haven't really had inspiration, but for some reason - I do now! Haha. But nonetheless, autumn is coming soon and I'm excited and sad. I'm excited because school's starting again and fall fashion is my favorite! Boy oh boy. On the other hand, I'm sad because summer's ending. Although summer isn't my favorite season, this means no more long sunny days of doing nothing. Sigh!

[ American Apparel Socks ]

As the title obviously tells, I'm actually thinking of a lot of neons for fall. I don't normally wear neons for fall, or at all, but for some reason I'm into them right now! In reality, I would wear prep/schoolgirl/vintage things for fall (how typical, right?), but I suppose on other people, I'd really like to see neons! They're so colorful and fun and totally pop out for the summer/winter transition season. That's how I actually see fall and spring. Winter and summer are the huge seasons and fall and spring are more minor "transition" seasons. Don't get me wrong though, I love them (and their fashion) too!

[ Glasses from Urban Outfitters, t-shirt from Forever21 ]

I don't know where my sudden interest in neon came from. I think it started in '07 when my sister bought a neon green slip from Urban Outfitters or maybe in '04 when I first got a peek at FRUITS (at least I think it was '04). Then, I thought neon was weird or so-so. But gradually, as neon became more popular in 07-08 at school and as my sister made a couple more neon purchases, more looking at Harajuku street fashion, and lots of browsing American Apparel tights: I think I came to really like neon... minus the guts or skin tone to wear it.

[ All this black leather stuff from Urban, ha. ha... ]

If one were to wear neon, I don't find an all-neon outfit would be very... pleasing. I would feel like barfing because of all the extremely bright and distracting colors. Kind of like playing Katamari Damacy (I love that game, ha), but minus the fun. Also it would look like a big mess from the 80's or just unicorn barf. The most suiting thing to wear with neon is probably black, or dark brown, leather. Normally, I don't wear leather, but I think they suit neon well. It's more stable and not as crazy as neon, but still is wild. The leather items are so versatile too, so you can wear it with other things you own! Sorry for so much Urban Outfitters stuff, by the way.

15 June, 2009


Sorry for the lack of posts! I've been pretty uninspired lately, much much much more sorry's. But nonetheless, here's a little spotlight for Pegleg NYC. It's not really anything that excites me like Rodarte, per say, but it is a rather nice brand. I don't really know how I'd describe it except simple, but stands out. Kind of doesn't make sense, but oh well. Here comes the pictures!

Wow, I really like these shorts. I don't know if it's just me, but they're pretty!

I'm a little iffy on the no-buttons, but I'm a huge fan of flannel (shoot me). Hoho, I have a crush on the 90's, sorry.

Yeah, because of my uninspired-ness, I don't really know how to project my feelings onto the blog. I like these shirts though, despite the fact they were released in two collections ago.

28 May, 2009


Um, wow. I'm in love with Iluchka's style in general. The make-up is absolutely great! They make very very very cute clothes as well! It's soft and girly, it makes me feel so light. Wearing it would probably make me feel pretty, haha. I would make a better post, really - but I'm just so tired. Tomorrow is another day, all! Au revoir!

25 May, 2009

The Sound Of Music

Movie Monday strikes back (haha)! So for its great return, I'll premier it with a very lovely musical. The Sound of Music is my current obsession, seriously. Its songs are the only ones that come out of my mouth, and my brother yells at me every time I sing "The Lonely Goatherd". I probably should stop, but I cannot stop! The songs are absolutely catchy, timeless, and fabulous. The von Trapp family are all a well-dressed family (in the movie, I'm not sure about the actual von Trapp family), as well as Fraulein Maria and the Baroness!

I adore every outfit in this movie, except when Maria takes the children out to play in the new clothes she made for them out of her curtains. I would be so embarrassed if I went out in public with my family in matching clothes (made of curtain, nonetheless). But otherwise, all the outfits in this film are fantastic. They are rather simple, but there's no issue there, really. There are a lot of nudes and pastels used, which I love so so so much. The dresses are so lovely, and it's even greater that the film is in a warm season. The boys (Fredrich and Kurt) wear shorts and sweaters or maybe even cardigans. It's adorable! I wish more boys dressed like that, but oh well. It'd be awkward, I suppose. Haha.

Here's a polyvore (sorry) inspired by Liesl! I'm sorry it's another polyvore, but this way, it's easier to find things. But I suppose I should cut back on these. They're addicting though! Haha. Anyways, I love Liesl! She's so beautiful! And I think Rolfe is adorable (before he became a green police). Click play on the song to the right side of my blog! The scene is one of my favorites. The best part about the scene is when Liesl screams at the end, haha. Adorable, but I don't think they included it in the soundtrack. But my real crush is probably Captain von Trapp (Chiristopher Plummer). He is so handsome! Also, the character is rather admirable, so that just adds to the crush. And that voice! Ah. Love it all.