21 December, 2009

Oh, Marc

How do I love your bags?
Going into Nordstrom,
picking up a bag
Walk in front of a mirror
And live in a short but infinite
moment of glory.
And it ends when an employee asks, "May I help you?"

13 December, 2009

Pretty Nails

I think I am so obsessed with nail polish/art now, it's becoming unhealthy. Well, for my nails to say the least.

[ 1-4 found off fuckyeahprettynails, 5. Chanel "Jade" Nailpolish - image: Jean B. ]

Now that I look at all of these hands... I'm kind of freaked out! I don't know why. There's just so many fingers... I sound stupid, haha. Well, sorry for more small picture spams instead of better, well-written posts. :(

09 December, 2009

Rodarte x Target

[ Pictures courtesy of nymag.com ]

Rodarte for Target! No one at school talks about it, but the fashion blogs online certainly do! Especially Tavi. If you guys haven't, you really should check out the video she did on Rodarte x Target, it's really... I don't know, my head is going blank. But I like it. Some people are saying they think it's okay and are worried about the quality. Some are stoked. As for myself, I'm a mix of both! The dresses would probably look good on some people, and not others. I really, really, want the cardigans though (the mustard one, especially $29.99). And the belts are darling ($12.99)! I want all the cardigans and all the belts and the tights and the bras and a dress or two... which would probably make me broke. It would be nice if the shoes were for sale too. Hee hee.

Rodarte for Target comes to stores on December 20th!

Wishlist Wednesday!! Haha, readers from the beginning would understand... since I don't do them anymore.