25 May, 2012

yellow (nail) fever

for the past month (or at least what seemed like a month!), i've been on the hunt for a primary yellow nail polish. for the most part, i'd only come by yellows that were pastel, filled with shimmer, or metallic. blegh! a lot of companies seem to avoid yellow because it's as tricky as white. the color tends to create streaky and sheer formulations... so when i saw this at my local walgreens on a new display, i bought it right away!

i'd heard a lot about these polishes - particularly their cheap cheap cheap price! the display i picked it up from had no price tag, but i figured it'd range from $2.99 - $3.99, since that's the price range i've seen it for online. but no! it was a shocking $4.99! i wonder why my walgreens (or maybe it's just america?) has it for so pricey. the packaging doesn't make it seem like you get much... i'm guessing it's just because it's a *new product*. anyways, i'm sure, or maybe just hoping, the prices of these puppies go down. there are so many pretty colors i'd love to try! 

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