27 May, 2012

Wet'N'Wild dupes of... itself?

Today my boyfriend and I were biking around running errands and stopping by stores here and there, and we stopped by CVS! There, they had the latest Wet'n'Wild LE summer collection nail polish range, which I can't remember the name exactly... But the display had fireworks, which I'm sure inspired the nail polishes! I picked up two I was interested in (I forgot to get the names of ALL the polishes! Sorry!), and stopped by their "Spoiled" nail collection (which by the way, is only available in CVS stores)... and I noticed something interesting...

Left: Wet'n'Wild Spoiled | Right: LE Wet'n'Wild Fast Dry

Yup! There you have it! They're basically the same nail polish! The LE Fast Dry (right) one seems like it has a lot more glitter though. I can't make any comparisons on the formulation, nor can I really comment on the formulation of either! I've yet to try the Spoiled nail polish, and as for the Fast Dry formulation, I've only tried Grey's Anatomy. So no comment on the glitter formulations! They both retail at $1.99, however Spoiled contains 0.5 oz, while the Fast Dry contains 0.45 oz. Not a big difference there, folks. I guess it all comes to to whether you want value (0.05 difference!), formulation, glitter density (?), or perhaps brush/applicator quality!

Left: LE Wet'n'Wild Fast Dry | Right: Wet'n'Wild Spoiled

Again, I do have to apologize for not taking their names down or comparing all of the polishes! It skipped my mind. But then again, I think this would be a time to utilize Google in case you were interested!

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