20 May, 2012

hello hello hello

sorry for my little mia stunt there. i had some personal issues so i put away a lot of my blogs for a while. especially this one.
originally i was going to make a collage of different rad patches that i wanted from ebay... but a quick search of the simpsons patches and i got carried away... i mean, how cool are these? seriously! my favorites are the jurassic bart one and the ass homer (mainly because of his dopey eyes... i don't care if it's not authentic, it's hilarious). runners up are the family shot and the "o0oO0h" fingers homer. the second best thing about looking up these gems were the captions/titles.

i think we should take a moment to appreciate my favorite blogger of the moment: self-constructed-freak (aka marlena). she's like, the epitome of cool. i love her style, i love both her blogs (tumblr and blogspot), i love what she loves...
i mean just look at her! she's so freaking cute and stylish and wow. she's also a contributor over at rookiemag, a huge diy-er, a feminist... the list goes on? girl crush to the max.

i guess i'll leave you guys here. toodles.

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