08 March, 2012

february 2012 favorites

a wee bit late, but never too late!

(school) lanyard: i don't care what any fashion-conscious person says about lanyards. hate them all you want; i love mine! my parents are always scolding me for forgetting my keys at home, so i decided to help myself (and my friend, she was selling this as a fundraiser for the swim team) and purchase a nifty lanyard. why not keep my keys on my neck the whole day? i've been wearing it nonstop since i've gotten it, and this is the best $2 i've spent in a long while. i haven't worn any necklaces since, but i don't mind. i kinda think it looks cool... school spirit, preppy, whatever. and yes, i have no car key. take note of the bike lock key! and the heart thingy is actually an audio jack splitter that lets you plug in TWO headphones. nifty on nifty!

the body shop vitamin e face mist: i purchased this along with a handful of other stuff during december when the body shop had their sale (BOGO free and B2G2 free). i think what drew me to this product was that 1) it's for dry skinned folks like myself, 2) i already really liked the vitamin e line, and 3) it claimed to set make-up! the make-up setting property probably sold me the most. does it really do that? not really, i find my face getting oily much quicker when i use it as a setting spray. but golly gee, this stuff is hydrating! i love spraying this whenever i felt my face getting tight or dry throughout the day and it helps reduce any powdery-ness of my face.

missha bb cream no.27: i LOVE this bb cream. more than any foundation i own! i got this for $8 during their promotional sale, but it's originally around $30! what they say about bb cream is true, it's good stuff. i won't get much into it, but i truly do love this product. i haven't been into my revlon colorstay lately because i've been wanting a dewey / glowy finish.

wet'n'wild coloricon single "panter": wet'n'wild seriously makes the best matte drugstore eyeshadows. ever. i was in love with their six pan palettes and i think the one called "greed" had the same matte black shadow. it's matter and ultra pigmented... perfect for setting my gel liner. i was so torn when they announced that they were discontinuing it, but jumped out of my seat when i saw this single pop up on blogs!! it's even more pigmented than in the palette! but less soft, and the packaging hurts my fingers when i try to open it. HG line-setting shadow, though!

MAC fluidline "blacktrack": this was featured last month and is one of my HG products. what else is there to say? good stuff.

shu uemura lash curler: yup. just about everyone's favorite lash curler. i've tried shiseido, tweezerman, and some other brands but none fit me as well as this. given, not everyone will love this because not everyone has the same eyeshape! i've just been diggin' curling my lashes a little bit more this month. another HG product.


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  4. i got it for $8 during the sale too! hehe. it was promotional for the *new* shade. what's nice is they send me a FULL-SIZED bb cream of the shade under! $16 for two full sized products, aw yeah!