14 March, 2012

overview: my moisturizers!

i know, i know... no one really needs this many moisturizers. i can't help it! i love hydrating my skin. i guess we should begin with establishing that i have normal to dry skin. sorta. kinda. my skin has been really weird lately. despite the cold winter weather, it's been... oily!? it's been a little hard for me to work with.

anyways, these are my current moisturizers. i tend to rotate between them depending on my needs. i'll quickly talk about them with you guys and gals!

clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel - this was actually my boyfriend's! he purchased this in december or january, and it was his first moisturizer ever (also his first purchase at sephora.. heh)! he has oily/combo skin and it worked for the drier parts of his skin REALLY nicely. he handed it over to me though because he said, "it made my skin so soft... i couldn't stop touching it... and then i broke out from touching it." so yeah. despite having dry skin, i actually really like the gel consistency! it definitely feels slick and watery. it works really well on my cheeks (the drier parts of my face), but makes my forehead oily. i'm hoping i'll love this when the weather gets hot!

eucerin everyday protection lotion spf 30 - i ran out of a daily moisturizer some time this year, and i randomly grabbed this at target... it's okay. i have sensitive skin, so i was like... eucerin? why not? it does moisturize my face decently, as well as provide protection from the sun. what i don't like about this is that it makes my face look really white and tends to ball up on my cheeks.

olay active hydrating beauty fluid - okay... who hasn't heard of this!? a lot of people tend to say that their mothers use this. sarah from clothesencounters even said that! i actually literally picked this up yesterday, inspired by lil lady's life! she said the sensitive one is her HG, and that the regular formulation proved to work well on her oily skin in the winter. so why not, right? right? i used it this morning and like it so far. people say it smells like baby powder or some other baby product... i personally dislike the smell. it does resemble some sort of baby smell, but it reminds me of the smells when moms change their baby's diaper in a public restroom. ugh. ANYWAYS, this soaks into my skin SO nicely. enjoying this so far!

physicians formula enriched dry skin concentrate - this stuff is my BFF when i'm suffering through cracked, dry, and irritated skin. i saw this in CVS one summer and was like, "whoa, physicians formula does skin care!?" this has never broken me out, despite how thick and creamy it is. it'll definitely leave you feeling a little... vaseline-y if you pile on a bunch all over your face. this always heals any cracked skin i have (which tends to happen around my nose, cheeks, and chin) by the next day! it also lasts forever, dude... it smells like most vitamin e products, or just products for dry skin in general. a baby powder-y scent that i don't mind and actually prefer. i associate the smell with being for sensitive dry skin.

philosophy hope in a jar - this isn't a full size product. i got it as my 100 point perk at sephora. i actually wrote a first impression on this that you can read here! it's alright. supposedly, this stuff is suited for any skin type. like with most moisturizers, it makes my forehead kinda oily. not anything really bad though. it isn't hydrating enough for my cheeks. i guess i'd recommend you give it a try if you were oily / combo. it smells... interesting. i don't really know what it is, though. i think of all my moisturizers, i'm going to try and finish this one first and on its own. it claims to gently exfoliate your skin to make it look more radiant. i'll have to get back to you guys on that one.

estee lauder time zone spf 15 - estee lauder claims you can use this AM or PM, but i try to use it for AM only. i don't feel comfortable with using SPF at night! as with most estee lauder products, it's heavily scented. my skin just can't handle fragranced skin products... so i just use it on my neck! it's the only place where i have mega noticeable wrinkles anyways. it really does hydrate. i haven't seen it improve any wrinkles or fine lines yet. we'll see in due time. disclaimer: my mom purchased this for me in a gift set for my birthday.

the body shop vitamin e nourishing night cream - i loooove the body shop's vitamin e line! they say it's for any skin type, but i suggest using the line if you have a more normal / sensitive / dry skin type. there's a *regular* night time moisturizer too, but i picked this one up. it reminds me of the physician formula moisturizer since it's so thick and creamy, but it doesn't leave a vaseline-y feel. or at least, not as much. i like using it when i feel my skin is dull or just dry. would i purchase it again? hm... maybe after i've gone through other brands, i'll come back to this one day.

in short!
my favorites - physician's formula
likes - clinique, the body shop, olay
eh - philosophy, estee lauder, eucerin

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