29 January, 2012

january favorites

can you believe the first month of january is already over? days and weeks fly by way too quickly... soon enough i'm going to be seventeen. it's really strange how quickly high school flies by. elementary school and middle school seemed to have taken forever to get over with... and now it just feels like my youth is escaping away for me. everyone is always telling me to enjoy my high school career, but how can i when it's slipping out of my fingers? oh man.

anyways, here are my favorite make-up products of january! i would have included skin care, clothes, and misc but i was kinda lazy. and it just feels like i have to gradually get myself back into blogging again... so yeah. i don't really know my own style for this blog yet, and i just wanna... do whatever. ha. i don't even know where i'm going with this. anyways, my favorites are a mix of old favorites and new loves. i think most of these fave made it into my personal favorites nonetheless.

laura mercier loose setting powder - sephora

pond's wet cleansing towelettes -
this is my second time purchasing a bulk pack of three of these! i got it for around $9, and these so far have been my choice cleansing towelettes. i use to them take of any make-up at night, and then i proceed to clean my face. these aren't amazing holy grail wipes, but they've been my favorite out of the few i've tried (baby wipes don't take off everything and the neutrogena ones leave my skin feeling strange). i tend to like pond's products because they're a-ok for sensitive skin.

revlon color stay foundation - oh gosh. the color selection in this range really is nuts. there are over twenty colors to choose from, and some of them are just so close to one another. i actually purchased one that's just slightly darker than me, but it was so hard to tell in stores! anyways, i purchased the one for oily/combination skin even though i have more normal/dry skin because i wanted a matte foundation, and i was afraid of shimmers in the other formulation. this stuff really does live up to its name! it's the longest wearing foundation i've ever purchased.

maybelline stylish smokes in "natrual smokes" - this is actually a re-purchase. i purchased it back in fall, but my sister wanted it and i gave it to her. the pigmentation in this quad is really average. it's not bad, but it's definitely not the most pigmented palette i've owned. it really isn't bad at all! however, i love it for the colors and the price. i'm happy to have re-purchased this.

MAC fluidline in "blacktrack" - MAC stores and counters

mercier loose setting powder - after hearing just about every beauty blogger rave about this stuff and using my sister's, i decided to get my own. the price tag didn't bother me at all because it's actually cheaper than sonia kashuk! you pay less per ounce. can you believe that!? laura mercier is actually cheaper than a drugstore brand? and the sonia kashuk one isn't even that great... anyways, this powder is the finest powder i've ever touched. my boyfriend was amazed at how fine it was too! it definitely prolongs the wear of my foundation and it just somehow makes your face a little more flawless (even though it's colorless).

MAC fluidline in "blacktrack" - i actually purchased this over a year ago and it hasn't dried up at all! and i've still got a ton of product left. this truly is the best eyeliner i've ever used, and it's still going strong as my favorite.


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