25 May, 2009

The Sound Of Music

Movie Monday strikes back (haha)! So for its great return, I'll premier it with a very lovely musical. The Sound of Music is my current obsession, seriously. Its songs are the only ones that come out of my mouth, and my brother yells at me every time I sing "The Lonely Goatherd". I probably should stop, but I cannot stop! The songs are absolutely catchy, timeless, and fabulous. The von Trapp family are all a well-dressed family (in the movie, I'm not sure about the actual von Trapp family), as well as Fraulein Maria and the Baroness!

I adore every outfit in this movie, except when Maria takes the children out to play in the new clothes she made for them out of her curtains. I would be so embarrassed if I went out in public with my family in matching clothes (made of curtain, nonetheless). But otherwise, all the outfits in this film are fantastic. They are rather simple, but there's no issue there, really. There are a lot of nudes and pastels used, which I love so so so much. The dresses are so lovely, and it's even greater that the film is in a warm season. The boys (Fredrich and Kurt) wear shorts and sweaters or maybe even cardigans. It's adorable! I wish more boys dressed like that, but oh well. It'd be awkward, I suppose. Haha.

Here's a polyvore (sorry) inspired by Liesl! I'm sorry it's another polyvore, but this way, it's easier to find things. But I suppose I should cut back on these. They're addicting though! Haha. Anyways, I love Liesl! She's so beautiful! And I think Rolfe is adorable (before he became a green police). Click play on the song to the right side of my blog! The scene is one of my favorites. The best part about the scene is when Liesl screams at the end, haha. Adorable, but I don't think they included it in the soundtrack. But my real crush is probably Captain von Trapp (Chiristopher Plummer). He is so handsome! Also, the character is rather admirable, so that just adds to the crush. And that voice! Ah. Love it all.

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  1. Captain von Trapp is handsome indeed :D I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that.
    I saw the musical in London, but that captain wasn't as nice as the 'real' one..