24 May, 2009

Blog Crushes!

There are some blogs that I check everyday to see if they've updated (I sound like such a loser), but for real. I do. These blogs are just my favorites. The pictures that they post are so lovely!

Julia Wilhelmina // http://juliawilhelmina.devote.se/
I discovered her via lookbook, and I assume she's Swedish? Well, according to her LB she is. But nonetheless, she's a fourteen year-old (my age) blogger! I can't read her blogs unfortunately, but her images and outfits are lovely. I'm very jealous of her hair! Also her clothes and make up. If only I could read what her blogs say...
The images wouldn't show, but check out her blog nonetheless!
All images courtesy of her blog! So pretty!

Probably everyone's favorite (recently) 13 year-old blogger is Tavi. She is so adorable! Haha. I didn't believe that she dressed herself when I first read her blog posts and I was jealous of her clothes and style. But overtime, I grew to love her. Her blogs have such a spunk, it cheers my day up when I read them. I try to have outfits inspired by her, but they never prevail. Oh well. Look at her haircut! Currently, I am so in love with it. Unfortunately, my headshape wouldn't look very flattering with the cut. A girl can dream.

All images belong to Tavi. What great photos!

Rhiannon Leifheit // http://liebemarlene.blogspot.com/
She finds the best vintage dresses. It makes me feel sad! She makes thrifting look like a breeze, but unfortunately, when I go - not a dress is found. The dresses she wears/sells are absolutely amazing. They're so girly and lovely. I wonder how much money she makes from selling these dresses at her store... Haha! Oh, if only I had the money. And I'm not the only one that thinks she sort of looks like Zooey Deschanel, right? Right!?

Images at her blog!

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  1. Tavi and Rhiannon are both so talented! It makes me jelous haha =)