23 May, 2009

Saturday Street Fashion Inspirations!

Oh, I've been so so so uninspired for dressing lately, but I've found some pictures to somewhat "re-inspire" me. Somewhat, but not completely. Maybe I should go thrift shopping at Savers soon with my siblings. Maybe that oughta cheer me up, haha. Oh my gosh, the episode of The PJ's and it's so exciting! Haha, okay, here comes the photos.

Images courtesy of Hoy Fashion and lookbook.nu, respectively

Oh boo, half the photos didn't show up, so you get to only see three of these. But they are still great outfits, are they not? Maybe I should post some MK&A pictures that have somewhat inspired me. I'm obsessed with the Olsen twins, I really am. It's unhealthy, I say! Unhealthy!

Also, Aritzia has their summer collection up! The photos are so pretty! I love their website, and their photos are so pretty. Also, they use yyellowbird's photos as their background, which makes the site even lovelier.

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  1. I have an olsen obsession too! but i think i like Ashley's style slightly more maybe. But i love them both!