02 May, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't really been following this structure that I planned. I think I'm just going to do whatever and only post when I'm in the mood. But right now, I'll do a quickie on what I want right now, which are some crararazy tights!

All tights available @ mytights.com

1. Well, my favorite color is pink and I love stripes. The combination itself reminds me of candy, and for some reason, salt water taffy. I love salt water taffy!
2. DOGS. My family is crazy about dogs (maybe not my dad). But this print reminds me of The Beach Boys' cover of their album Pet Sounds. It's only relatively similar though.
3. Skulls can be either worn lame or worn all cool and bad-to-the-bone looking! Ha, it's true. Like vegemite. You either love it or hate it. That's the motto, right?
4. Kind of tacky, kind of cute and stuff. I'd wear it with frilly pink dresses, something with tulle and a bounce. Probably lots of lace or something girly.
5. This is just fab.
6. Um plaid. Yes.

But on another note, Movie Monday and Wishlist Wednesday would still continue, I suppose. Just whenever I feel like doing one though! Sorry if you enjoyed them! Au revoir.

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