04 July, 2012

Mini Haul + DIY Progress

Today my boyfriend and I (I know, so annoying that I refer to him as that, haha. Maybe I should just use his name?) took a spontaneous trip to a small and local thrift store. I really just wanted to be in the area to buy my mom a slice of burnt almond cake, which by the way is divine... Anyways, I picked up three things (not pictured: a Dior [could be fake] sweater for my boyfriend, and a sassy poster of a lionness [I'm not even kidding]).

Vintage daisy dress - $2.50

Can we just take a moment to appreciate this dress? Shall we? Ahhh. It immediately caught my eye in the midst of all the other dresses on the rack! When I looked at it, I couldn't believe how cute it looked. It looked small, and when I felt the material I knew it would either A) be very figure hugging (in a good way) or B) show off all the yucky parts of my mid-section (my biggest insecurity!!!). When I tried it on, I FELL IN LOVE! I'm considering wearing it to a 4th of July party tomorrow.

Neon nautical t-shirt - $1.25

About 1-2 weeks ago, I saw this shirt in the same store. I wasn't sure if I truly wanted it, so I told myself, "If I'm meant to have it, it'll still be here," and it was! So I confidently purchased this, and I'm glad. It was a very oversized t-shirt, but when I got home I cropped it (I might chop off a little more) and began shredding the back. Also, I plan on cutting it into a muscle tank. It's a wee bit away from done. The print is seriously way too cute.

Vintage Cal Bear t-shirt - $1

I purchased this t-shirt about a month ago in hopes of doing a bit of DIY on it, and I only started two days ago! At first I was going to make it a shredded cropped muscle tank, but decided that it looks fine as a t-shirt. It's a work in progress as well.

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