14 March, 2012

spring nail polish favorites

so i know it isn't exactly spring yet, but we're nearing it! warm weather, come to san jose already!

so there's basically three 'trends' (not sure if they are trends, but 'styles' i've been digging!) i'm enjoying right now are: duo chrome / beetle-y, muted bolds, and neon.

duo chrome / beetle - so basically i've been really into duo chromes. to summarize, duo chromes are like holographic (micro) glitters that change color depending on how the light hits it! some cars have this effect too, but i don't know them well enough to go on about that. the two i featured are 'beetle' by hard candy and 'grey's anatomy' by wet'n'wild. you can see the duo chrome effect in the photos!

muted bolds - the one i'm featuring is essie's 'go overboard', which is new to spring 2012. this is the only color i've worn twice in a row (as in, as soon as it chipped after a week, i painted it again until it chipped!). i LOVE this color. i never liked a blue nail polish before until now. what i mean by muted bold is like... i've been into colors that are sort of deep, but standout-ish. colors that you'd find in a crayola marker pack in "BOLD." haha.

neons - i never ever thought i'd be into neons. ever. however, i love milani's 'totally 80s' from their neon collection. it isn't really neon, though. it's more chartreuse to me, but i still love it. people have frowned on it and said it looked ugly, but i think it looks really good with a tan! the last bottle in the photo is urban outfitter's 'jerk,' and it is a true HIGHLIGHTER yellow/green. they both have this velvet finish. it's pretty cool, actually. these would look good if you put a matte top coat over it! i love the way these two look when i wear black clothes.

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