11 August, 2010

Tight Obsession

[1, 2, 3 - all from ASOS.com]

Ooh! I am so glad fall is coming along nicely. The weather becomes increasingly colder each day (not that we had a hot summer this year anyways...), which allows for thicker clothes, layering, and other cold weather styles! I love cold weather clothes. Especially tights! And this time around, I'm fancying tights more than I ever have. I'm even willing to spend $30 on a pair (not that I have)! Honestly, I've been going through so many stores, online or in person, looking for lots of colors and patterns that interest me. So far, I've purchased none, but I plan on purchasing a haul from ASOS. Good bye, summer money. Sob!

[both images from Hansel&Petal]

My dear friend Frances, from Hansel&Petal, even wrote a nifty post on tights as well! We're on the same... adoration wagon? I don't know, haha. Her post made my hosiery-lust even worse! Ah! I need to go shopping.

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