12 July, 2010


[Urban Outfitters - Ecote Classic Canvas Backpack]

For a while now, my interest in backpacks have been increasing! I do like purses and bags, but sometimes backpacks seems more convenient. For example, when I have to bike miles to my friends' houses and deliver a few things to them, it's always inconvenient when all I have is a bag! The weight on one shoulder (while on a bike) really bothers me; or if I have a messenger bag, it always gets caught under my seat or beats against my bike.

But when I say I want a backpack, I don't mean the typical Jansport school backpack! Those actually bore me. I'd say most of my schoolmates sport those, and if not - these. I do prefer Northface over Jansport, though. I think it looks more "urban". But anyways, when I say I want a backpack, I don't mean those. I mean the backpacks as featured in this post! I like the foldover look, and I like how it's more buckles and buttons.


  1. This is really nice backup and it is looking very comfortable and its color is also nice. I like the most second one from both of them as I like dark colors.

  2. Well,This backpack have unique style.. Moreover I like the color of both backpacks.. You can put many things including book in this backpack. Thanks for this lovely backpack..

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