13 August, 2010

Target x John Derian

As you guys may or may not know, I am a huge sucker for home decor, interior design, whatever you want to call it! I am really obsessed with Sherry and John's Young House Love, and since I was a kid my favorite part about The Sims games series (I know, kids shouldn't play The Sims, but hey, I'm older now) was building and designing the house! I got so into it once, I spent hours searching up on ways to have a split-level house, blueprints, and other things... But anyways, I saw Target's latest collaboration with John Derian and AH! I was floored.

The collection itself is really nice, but I don't feel a need to buy ALL of the pieces. Just these that I've posted up here! I love the prints that look like they come from an outdated 1970s science textbook. There's something I feel that is so... golden about them? I don't know the word I'm looking for!

[ All images via refinery29 ]

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