01 July, 2010

See by Chloe Winter 2010/2011

Can I just say that I really do enjoy the See by Chloe Winter 2010/2011 collection? There's something about it that I really like. I have to say, it makes me think of the new millennium. I don't know exactly what makes me think of the new millennium. Is it the colors that look like it comes out of the "bold" pack of Crayola markers (did anyone else have those aside from me?)? Is it the turtle necks? The chunky socks? I reminds me of old Teen Vogue magazines I used to take from my sister when she was still in college (she went to college the first few years of 2000, I can't remember which. I'm pretty sure it's from 2000-2004).

One of my favorite elements of this collection are the mustardy army green chunky socks. Worn with the heathery grey... I think it looks really nice. I also really like the turtle necks! Generally, I'm not a huge fan of turtle necks, but I really like (wow, I keep saying that) the second photo I posted up there. The pink looks great as well... and I usually think pinks like that are too tacky or scene queen 2005 (a la Audrey Kitching). All the coats in this collection are absolutely fab. Yeah, I said "fab."


  1. I LOVE HER COATS! They're beautiful.

  2. I love her dressing sense and also like her designing very much as they all are awesome. Even the samples that are shared over here are really superb.
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