16 April, 2009

Wishlist Wednesday / Lonely Old Cat Lady

Hi, sorry for posting a Wednesday thing on Thursday! I meant to have post a "Wishlist Wednesday" yesterday, but I came home from a sleepover and was too tired to do anything. So, you're like, "wishlist wednesday!? when was this decided? it wasn't even on your list of ideas!" Well, yeah. I just thought of it on Tues/Wedns but just never posted about the thought of it (bad sentence...). Because it's Thursday and I should be working on my editorial for journalism class, I made it kind of small. But here's to the first WW! Cheers!

Uh, Blogspot made it smaller than it was, so it's kind of hard to read my joke there.

The first theme/inspiration of WW shall be lonely old cat ladies! Yay! I forgot to number it, so I'll go clockwise from left.
  1. Kitty Kat Light, Fred Flare - Well, it's a cat (obvs). I think it's kind of cute, don't you?
  2. Childhood Memories Breath Spray, Fred Flare - I really don't know how this relates to a cat lady. Maybe she misses being young. I felt like it fit...
  3. The Sash, American Apparel - Wearing it like the picture shown (AA calls it the "turban") seems old lady-ish to me. I repeat again, to me. Whatever, I like it. Someone out there would too, I'm sure.
  4. Hermosa Super Skinny (mint), Pacsun - This color will match all of your cat sweaters that light up on their noses. Yay!
  5. Hermosa Super Skinny (blue), Pacsun - This one matches your Bedazzled ones!
  6. Unisex Shag Fleece Rib Cardigan, AA - Cardigans make the (old) lady.
Yeah, it's pretty fun to do WW, I guess. The items this week kind of fit the theme, but kind of don't too. Sorry it's small and stuff. Blogspot made it smaller than it was, but oh well. At least you get to see the items! I was going to type more about WW, but I forgot. Sorry, bye!

PS: New banner! It's a still from Walt Disney's Peter Pan. Look at his nose! Ha ha ha. Enjoy it like I do.

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