18 April, 2009

Quit Clownin' Around

Soooo, here's Pepper and Pistol's latest collection (Autumn/Winter 09). It's obviously very circus-y. Shoutout to Britney Spears! Haha. There's notably a lot of sequins and ruffles, which is what I totally love love love right now. It's so fun and loud, but the pallette here is kind of soft and kind of edgy. My favorite color is pink, so yeah.

Haha. I totally love the shirt in the first picture, and the dress in the second picture reminds me of the movie Big Fish. Actually, all in all it reminds me of Big Fish. Remember? Where Ewan McGregor sees the love of his life at the Carnival while everyone is frozen? Sigh, the movie is so lovely, I want to watch it again. Too bad my sister has it right now!

But anyways, I think this is a really pretty collection and would like it right now! Hahaha.

[ click the picture for a larger resolution ]

You can view the full collection at the website.


  1. love this shoot! The pink striped background, colored hay, and circle shots... very fab!

  2. I agree! It reminds me of a Juicy Couture ad though, sometimes it gets me a bit iffy, but i love the pink stripes! so so much.