19 April, 2009

Featherson... Fetherson

Holy moly, Erin Fetherson's Fall/Winter 09 is so amazing. I actually put her order backwards (hers went from the red looks, to black, to white) but whatever. I love in the white looks that she uses those adorable animal masks! They're so pretty! As well as the clothes, of course. It all looks so dreamy. Kind of ballet-esque to me. The black looks seem the most wearable. I love the bounce of the dresses very, very much. The blazers and bows look great.

click the image for a larger resolution, collection: erin fetherson via her website

I LOVE the tights. Seriously. My third favorite thing about her collection (first are the masks, second are the dresses). I wish I had thousands of dollars. Sigh. xo

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