06 July, 2012

Etsy Eyecandy

Etsy has been such a wonderland to me. My favorites are quickly getting filled up with handmade treasures, vintage finds, and unique supplies. I can't help it. I think I'm addicted.

All cases from iCaseSeraSera

Sometimes I wish I had an iPhone just for all the cute cases available for them.

All prints from AvantPrint

I think EVERYONE loves Miyazaki films... right? It's impossible not to!!! AvantPrint actually goes far beyond just Miyazaki films, but I really couldn't resist. Apparently they print on one-of-a-kind vintage book pages. I'd love to have these hanging in my room.

There's actually a lot more I've been drooling over on Etsy, but I figure I'd break them down into multiple installments!

What are your recent Etsy finds? x

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