12 April, 2009

Plans for the blog...

I've been thinking about doing a weekly schedule for the blog, just to have a steady goal on what to post each day (if possible). Like there would be "Movie Monday" where I do a post upon a look inspired by a movie, or a person's role in a movie in which they have a fashionable character. Basically, I just have a topic for the day and then I'll do a post on it, whether it be a fashion icon, look, or polyvore thingy. I'm a little iffy on the idea, but here's what I've got so far:
  • Movie Monday (or any other day of the week, whatever. I thought it was catchy with the two m's and all)
  • Must-have day (I post something I've found and must have it. ha ha.)
  • Runway day
  • Street Style day
  • Song of the week
  • Item of the week (this doesn't mean I'm showing you my clothes for the week, this will start when I sell stuff eventually)
But yeah. It's still in process. I'm probably doing Movie Monday though, it seems the most possible to keep up with. I'm only saying that because I already have things in mind! *evil laugh* I probably also will have specials for holidays. Today's Easter, but I'm unsure if I'll do anything. Maybe another Polyvore, LOL. Too many today!

Au Revoir!

PS: HO HO HO, tomorrow is Monday! Excited! Okay Bye for realz.

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