28 September, 2009

Peru Peru Peru

I think Peru needs some more credit when it comes to fashion. I was reading an old Teen Vogue and saw an article of a girl helping kids in Peru get a pair of shoes. The little kid was super cute and so was his poncho and hat.

I never really realized Peru was so cool. Recently, I've been getting more and more into South America because of my Spanish class. My teacher's always telling me stories from when he lived in Peru and all of it just fascinates me! South America is pretty underrated when it comes to fashion (except the Brazilian models, ha. ha.)

I don't want to be the one to claim what Peruvians wear and don't wear, but the things I noticed and liked were the chunkier sweaters, hats (esp. the beanies with tassels), patterns, bright colors, and other knitted fancy duds.

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  1. these are such beautiful photos.
    I love your blog. The header is especially nice, I do enjoy Peter Pan.