25 July, 2012

weekly youtube favorites

I think this might be a new *thing* of mine!


I've been subscribed to Nia for over a year (maybe two?) and she's definitely one of the most gorgeous and babeliest babes I watch! She's freaking PERFECT (brows, skin, hair, style, personality... etc!). I caught myself watching this video a couple times over and over, she looks so amazingly ~natural~ but glowy and beautiful. It inspired me to wear "no make-up" make-up but with natural-looking glow. I don't know. I love it.


I LOVE essiebutton from the first video I watched.. Estee is a Canadian who moved to the UK to live with her boyfriend Aslan (okay a. HIS NAME IS SO COOL, b. he's so sweet to her)... Lemme tell you, Estee is the most hilarious beauty blogger I've ever come across. I found her in March and there hasn't been a disappointing video. What I really like about this video is that they feature one of my favorite thrift finds - home decor! I don't come by videos featuring thrifted decor often, and I really enjoy the two.


Okay... This is no secret but I love The Yogscast (I also love Minecraft). My ultimate favorite people from Yogscast are Sjin and Sips. You don't even know... Sjin has a beautiful and talented mind. I love watching him build stuff.

The videos are smaller than I'd like them to be because I was trying Blogger's video insert thing... Meh. I think I prefer just using the html code.

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