18 March, 2012

vein-y nails!!

the example from rookiemag. hannah's hands are so much prettier than mine...

after seeing a post on rookiemag on giving yourself a veiny manicure... and being a total geek for human anatomy/physiology... I JUST HAD TO! i actually saw this quite some time ago, and i've been really lusting to do this for the past week! i don't know why i didn't do this sooner.

L to R: "red" by forever 21 | "go overboard" by essie | "private viewing" by wet'n'wild megalast

the tutorial is extremely simple. you can go read the step-by-step how-to on rookie mag, but in short you just:
  1. paint a nude base color
  2. get a tool (i used a bobby pin, you can use a nail art brush or whatever!) and create a red vein
  3. repeat step 2 except with a blue vein
  4. carefully (i did shit on this step HAHA) create a heart... or whatever you want!

my left hand. i left the pinky without a blue vein because of laziness... but i like how it looks!

to be honest, my nails didn't come out as nicely as hannah's... but i like it! when it comes to DIY type of junk, i'm not all too hard on myself because i just breathe in and out, accept that i'm no pro, and then enjoy my creation! of course, i will strive for perfection, but i'll take my creations as they come. also, practice makes perfect. but you knew that.

my right hand! i'm a lefty, so this side came our better.

honestly, i'm really digging these. like, a lot. i can't wait to show these babies off to my physiology teacher... haha. ANYWAYS, i don't think these nails too me too long. i didn't keep track of time though, since today was just (another) lazy sunday for me.

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