21 March, 2012

tips & tricks: basic skin care 101

so i've been back on my skin care routine... and it's been improving my skin a boat freaking load. i decided to share a little bit of general / basic skin care info with my readers. a lot of these are a no-brainer if you already have your skin care routine down, but it's always nice to remind yourself of these little things... or to teach any newbies! i am no means claiming i'm a skin care guru; i'm just tossing out my little advice.

determine your skin type.

this should basically be your step one before even getting into skin care. there are tons of skin types and then there could be a combination of them. you could have dry skin or oily skin, or maybe you're sensitive! you can have acne-prone skin, or very dull skin. maybe you have combination skin? maybe you have large pores or even dehydrated skin? determining your skin type will allow you to know what products to look for and to use.


even if you're thinking "i have oily skin... i don't want it to be even oilier." you can always opt for a matte moisturizer or a lightweight gel moisturizer. if you leave your skin dry after cleansing, thinking that it'll stay "dry" and "oil-free," you're wrong! your skin will think "i'm sooo dry," and then proceed to excrete even more oils. which equates to an even oilier face. i personally love moisturizers, especially since i have dry skin. if you have sensitive skin, skip out on any fragranced moisturizers (usually listed in ingredients). it's also key to keeping your skin youthful.

treat yourself to a mask from time-to-time.

look for masks that meet your skin type. it's nice to actually treat your skin instead of just cleaning and moisturizing. most masks contain multiple perks in one. i personally really like the mint julep masque to reduce pore and pimple sizes. lush provide a nice arrangement of fresh masks too. and of course, you could DIY a bunch of masks with things you already have at home. make google your best friend! i also LOVE asian sheet masks, but i didn't have any at the time of these photos.

the skin on your face isn't the only skin you should take care of.

remember to clean (i'm sure you do daily, or at least every other day... right?) it and exfoliate every now-and-then to keep it looking radiant. slaughtering off dead skin cells off your lips will reveal youthful, plump-looking lips! and it'll make any lipstick application much nicer. using oils during baths or after your shower makes my skin baby soft. moisturizing after showers locks in all the moisture. i wish i took care of my hands younger because now i have wrinkly old lady hands! and don't forget to wear sunscreen!!! prevention is key.

hope this helped! if you have any questions about the products pictured or for any more of my own advice, feel free to leave a comment.


  1. how often should i be using the mint julep masque?

  2. stop it, loser.

    2-3 times a week if you really wanted, but i use it 1-2 times a week max.