14 June, 2010


Summer is finally here! To be honest, I haven't really been inspired in the "fashion" category, thus my lack of posts! I haven't been looking at any designers since... Oh gosh, February? I also haven't been shopping much at all. All I do is go onto Forever21's website and look at their new arrivals. No, I'm not lying! It's actually sad how my "fashion depression" is so deep. My school outfits were terrible (while school lasted).

Is it bad that I really want those socks?

I think a huge reason why this blog has been lacking posts is my new interest in beauty.
I've stopped reading a lot of fashion blogs and have been reading a lot more beauty blogs! Also, I think the negligence of this blog is due to my laziness. I've been too lazy to get my camera, take pictures, upload them onto my computer, edit/resize/etc. photos, and then host them on a website! I'm sorry, my few remaining followers, and I'll try to be more active!

... Here's a polyvore set. YES, I know this won't make up for I've abandoned this blog!

summerFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

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